Traditional Chinese & Herbal Medicine

Solaris Health, a holistic health centre, has been created for you; to provide you with services to enhance your health, wellbeing and your lifestyle. From Chronic Pain Relief to traditional Chinese medicine to Herbal Medicine and Fertility treatment, we can enhance your quality of life.

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) is a healing system developed in China more than 2,000 years ago, incorporating therapies that are in some cases millennia older. TCM focuses on strengthening the body’s defences and enhancing its capacity for healing and to maintain health.

TCM encompasses how the human body interacts with all aspects of life and the environment, including the seasons, weather, time of day, our diet and emotional states. It sees the key to health as the harmonious and balanced functioning of body, mind and spirit, and holds that the balance of health depends on the unobstructed flow of QI (pronounced chee) or “life energy” through the body, along pathways known as meridians. TCM practitioners see disease as the result of disruptions in the circulation of QI.


Acupuncture effectively treats a wide variety of conditions, specialising in acute or difficult health issues that have not been relieved by everyday Western Medicine. The focus of our private practice is Stress & Pain Relief, Sinus Allergies, Digestion Disorders, Women’s Health and Integrative Acupuncture for Chronic Conditions.

Acupuncture is the practice of placing very thin needles through the skin in specific locations of the body for the purpose of healing and relief of symptoms. This practice is several thousand years old and is part of Traditional Chinese Medicine. As practiced today it is often combined with other interventions, such as sending a small current of electricity through the needles or burning herbs on the acupuncture points